GregPhoto“I have benefited greatly from working with Steve.  As a mid-life coach, his attentive listening, insightful feedback and penetrating questions invite me deeper into my own genius.  My sense of purpose, my creativity, my happiness and my income have all increased as a result of my work with Steve.  I highly recommend him.”
  – Gregory Newman, Personal & Relationship Coach


“I am continually impressed with Steve’s intKermituition and insight, his ability to pick up on subtle clues and offer the next step in the process. He encouraged me to be honest with myself and helped me to break past a point of stasis. For me, a calling to be of service required embarking on a new spiritual journey. Steve helped me to clarify this and to take action.
  – Kermit Hovey, Climate Change Activist, Community Radio Reporter


“I had beeHopkinsn looking for a sense of direction since I retired, and reluctant to make any decisions. Steve helped me realize that I can follow my passion and listen to my heart – that’s where the joy of living is… that I can be excited about something I’ve longed to do, something I was fearful about previously. When I talk with Steve, my preconceived notions about what can and can’t work just disappear. He has intuition and insight and a gift for getting to the heart of a matter. He challenges in a way that is inviting, non-judgmental, and non-confrontational, and he facilitates the decision-making process in a way that opens doors. He provides loving, kind, compassionate support – something I never really had. I’m seeing things in a new light, a clarity that has been lacking in my life. Steve is a blessing to me and I highly recommend him to anyone.”
– Steve Hopkins, Retired Tool & Dye Maker



“Steve helped me develop a life mission in our first session together.  His calming presence helped me focus and get grounded when I felt scattered.  He helped me move past blocks by inviting me to stretch outside of my comfort zone, asking for action, and holding me accountable. He’s an incredible listener when I needed listening to, and he was able to use guided imagery to lead me to a place of inner understanding.”
– Stuart Fields, Owner of The Growth Coach – Madison


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