You can try out the coaching for free.  In your free hour, we’ll get to know each other, and you can ask questions about me or the coaching.  I’ll ask about some of the most important goals you have for coaching.  You’ll get a good chunk of coaching on a specific issue you want to address.  At the end of the call, we’ll discuss next steps.  The first step is to sign up for the free stuff at right, or you can call me at 608-572-0084 or e-mail me.

Ongoing Coaching includes:

      • A process of radical perspective-taking called The Deep Wisdom Process
      • Assessments and suggested daily practices grounded in the science of Positive Psychology
      • Purpose discovery, ritual, and working with the story of your life
      • Coaching and daily practice support*

* The Positive Habits Support described below is included in the coaching program.

Steve is not a therapist, and coaching is not a substitute for therapy or a 12-step program.  The standard coaching program includes three fifty-minute sessions for $220 per month.  Paying for additional months up front gets you a discount.

Call Steve at 608-572-0084 to schedule your free session.

# of Months (3 sessions per month)

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What are you buying?


Positive Habits Support

Positive Habits Support is a unique offering of day-to-day e-mail support from Midlife Crisis Coaching.  First, you would create a Google spreadsheet where you would record your good habits goals and your daily progress:


Steve can walk you through this if you’ve never used a Google spreadsheet.  Next, you share the doc with Steve.  The sheet is password-protected so only you and Steve can access it.  Third, Steve checks your progress every three days or so, and sends you an e-mail with congratulations and gentle reminders.

This is an awesome way to stay on task at a fraction of the cost of coaching.  If you sign up at right, you can try it free for a month.

$50 per month for 10 support e-mails.  If you sign up for coaching, this service is included in the program.

# of months of support


The Purpose Practice Workshop Series

If you live in Madison, you can journey with other purpose-seekers in a seven-week workshop series.  You’ll get tools and skills to:

      • Know your purpose
      • Live each moment on purpose
      • Build a foundation for a purposeful life
      • Get past blocks to living fully on purpose
      • Make a difference in the world

Plus you’ll get the support and wisdom of your fellow purpose-seekers.  The facilitators are Steve Hingle, Certified Positive Psychology Coach, and Steve Davis, Coach and Master Facilitator.  We also plan to develop the workshop into a teleconference offering in the next year.

The series starts on March 27, 2014.  For more about the workshops and to sign up, please visit