Think You Can’t Afford Coaching? 0

Hi Friends,

I’m trying out a new price structure for my coaching.  Sign up now for only $220 for one month of coaching.  That’s for three 50-minute sessions.  You also get discounts if you pay for more months at once.  Want to see if you life working with me first?  Contact me to set up a free one-hour try-out session.  The try-out isn’t just me trying to sell to you.  (I don’t want to be that guy.  I hate that guy!)  You’ll get at least 30 minutes of actual coaching on an issue of your choice.

Maybe you’re saying you don’t need coaching.  As men, we’re taught to tough it out.  Be the man.  Go it alone….  How’s that been working for you lately?  I say instead, a man with strong support is a strong man, and a man willing to reach out and ask for what he needs is a brave man.  You think coaching is expensive?  It’s cheaper than a divorce or a new sports car!

My mission in life is to help men like you get through the midlife process in a good way.  So if you don’t want to do it for yourself, just do me a favor and take the free session so I can live my mission.  Hell, do it for your wife and kids!  I’m waiting to hear your story, and to give you the support you deserve.

You can schedule a free or paid appointment here, call me at 608-572-0084, or e-mail me.

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Talk to you soon!








Steve Hingle

The Men’s Midlife Crisis Coach