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Map, Guide, & Tools for the Midlife Journey

Each day you’ll get an e-mail from me (from my HingleCoaching account) with a link to that day’s lesson.  Each lesson page includes the same information in three formats: video, audio (including downloadable), and written.  I know you’re busy, so most of the videos are between 3 and 8 minutes (day 5 is 15 minutes).  Each day’s lesson includes practices you can start right away to move you forward on your midlife journey.

Day 1: What the Midlife Journey is All About

This is the map.  Here I lay out what a midlife crisis is, and the basics of how to get through it.

Day 2: The Three Purposes in Life

In your midlife journey, you likely are asking, “What am I here to do?” Tomorrow, I’ll be talking with you about three purposes in life and how you can start living those purposes right away. 

Day 3: Spiritual Practices of the Midlife Journey

The midlife crisis shakes us to the core, and I believe this time in life is at least in part a spiritual journey, so I’ll be sharing six non-religious spiritual practices that can help you navigate the transition.

Day 4: Resilience in Midlife Crisis

Because you may be experiencing loss and setbacks related to your crisis, I’ll be sharing tools to increase your resilience, or the ability to bounce back from setbacks.

Day 5: Getting Rid of Internal Conflicts

I’ll share with you the basics of a process for stepping out of drama, accessing deep wisdom, and getting rid of internal conflicts.  This is a cornerstone of the work I do with people.

Day 6: Gottman’s Magic Five Hours for Healthy Marriages

Since relationships can get rocky during this transition, I’ll be sharing with you five simple practices for improving your marriage from relationship expert John Gottman.

Day 7: Creating New Positive Habits

Now that I’ve suggested a bunch of new practices you might undertake, I’m going to share with you six elements of establishing a new habit, all shown through research to be effective.

Day 8: More Stuff!

On day 8 you’ll get:

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