Midlife Journey

How to Help Your Husband Through His Midlife Crisis 0

What should you do if your husband is going through a midlife crisis?  This is a difficult time for both of you.  You’re both feeling anxious, and you may be wondering if your marriage will survive.  You might even be going through your own midlife crisis, adding additional stress to your relationship.  This is a(…)

They think I’m having a midlife crisis. I don’t want one. 0

You really should watch the video, but here’s the text: If you’re reading this, it’s because a friend or your spouse has suggested it to you.  You might be open to this, or you might be thinking, “I don’t need this!  Who does she think she is!  Why doesn’t she just leave me alone!”  I(…)

Spiritual Practices of the Midlife Journey 0

Right click here to download MP3 of this talk. During midlife crisis, your foundation is shaken.  You see yourself growing older and realize that your days are numbered.  What you thought was true may be called into question.  You suffer losses and setbacks, and you begin to ask big questions: “Why is this happening to(…)

The Midlife Journey: What It’s All About

The Midlife Journey: What It’s All About 0

Right Click Here to download MP3 for this talk. We’ve all heard the term, Midlife Crisis.  We imagine a grey-haired man buying a red convertible sports car and having an affair with a woman in her twenties.  This version does exist, but there’s a broader, more common version of the midlife crisis, more aptly called(…)