Can Happiness Practices Get in the Way of Your Midlife Transformation? 0

I’ve been exploring the question of what best serves a person in midlife transformation.  I’m a strong proponent of both Positive Psychology and Jungian theories, but the two seem to be at odds.  The Jungian perspective would say that we need to go through a dark night of the soul – that the persona created(…)

The Purpose Practice – workshop series in Madison 0

For those living in Madison, I invite you to an exciting new workshop series starting in March. Discover Three Purposes and Practices to Serve as a… GPS for Walking Your True Path #1 Your Essential Purpose Your essential nature expresses effortlessly and fulfills completely. It gets covered up with busyness and expectations. We practice this(…)

How to Help Your Husband Through His Midlife Crisis 0

What should you do if your husband is going through a midlife crisis?  This is a difficult time for both of you.  You’re both feeling anxious, and you may be wondering if your marriage will survive.  You might even be going through your own midlife crisis, adding additional stress to your relationship.  This is a(…)

They think I’m having a midlife crisis. I don’t want one. 0

You really should watch the video, but here’s the text: If you’re reading this, it’s because a friend or your spouse has suggested it to you.  You might be open to this, or you might be thinking, “I don’t need this!  Who does she think she is!  Why doesn’t she just leave me alone!”  I(…)